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  亚博足彩app|最新网址 is established in 2007, located in Shandong Province in China. Nowadays, the company has formed into the two part of Automatic Technology Research and water-saving apparatus, as the rapid developments of company business. The company is the most professional manufacturer of agriculture drip mould and related drip irrigation products, and has mastered the series of critical technology, including the researching and manufacturing of precision drip irrigation mould, high- quality pressure compensation drip, high-efficiency automatic assembly equipment, and the shaping of silicone compensation. The year 2017, the company is authorized High-tech Enterprise, meanwhile new special expertise S&T enterprise.
        At present, the main managing products are: Round Drip Mould with 64 cavities and hot runner, Flat Drip Mould with 128 cavities and hot runner, Flat Drip Mould with 128 cavities and semi-hot runner, Flat Drip Mould with 256cavities and semi-hot runner; All kinds of inline& online drips, and also automatic assembly equipment for the matched drips.
        Spring rain company has wire cutting, CNC machining center, precision EDM machine, 3D projection measuring instrument, CNC engraving machine, button drip automatic production line, flat pressure compensation drip automatic production line, online pressure compensation drip automatic production line and other international first-class CNC processing and testing equipment more than 100 sets.
        Spring rain company always puts workers in the first place. we have so many persons with ability. Now the company has 36 senior technicians and cooperates with many scientific research institutes, including external 19 chief scientific experts, which has formed the professional high-tech group for mold design, drip inspection,flow rate test and intelligent automatic equipment research. In recent years, we have won 2 invention patents, 17 model patents, 3 patent awards, meanwhile several technologies which have filled the blank in irrigation technology field in our country.
        “Establish the standard, control the quality, emphasize the innovation, create the brand” as the development ideas, to realize the precision, standardization and profession of drip mould; the intelligence, high-efficiency and automation of assembly machine for drips; the superiority, industrialization and diversification of drip irrigation apparatus.
        “People-oriented, excellence, innovation, win-win cooperation” is the business philosophy of 亚博足彩app|最新网址, and “ To create the most advanced irrigation technology and products in the world ” is the goal of 亚博足彩app|最新网址 Choose spring rain, full harvest!
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